About Group


    UCC Group is a diversified association of commercial companies that implements business initiatives both in Ukraine and abroad.
The history of our Group's activities in Ukraine has more than 25 years. Since 1991, we have been able to strengthen and develop the company, providing its effective diversification and successfully bearing the challenges of era.
    Sequential step in the development of our business was the foundation of UCC Group in 2005 as a sales agent of chemical plants in the former Soviet Union. Extending our experience of both the Asian and European markets, we are not resting on their laurels and continue to confidently move forward by investing in a number of new and promising directions.
    We strive to become one of the key commercial and industrial groups in Ukraine and to promote the positive changes in the economy of our country. We see the key to the implementation of these plans in successful international co-operation, as well as responsible and conscientious approach to work.
    Today UCC Group operates in 14 cities located in 10 states of the world. Our main goal is not only in the effective interaction with partners and meeting the needs of our customers, but also to promote sustainable development of the country by creating jobs and filling market with high-quality and affordable products .